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Dehumanization Found in Standardized Testing and Scripted Curriculum

The idea of a standardized curriculum across each classroom in a country sounds like a good idea when looked at from a superficial viewpoint. Though a standardized curriculum does have benefits, many deficiencies appear when it is examined more thoroughly. In Wayne Au’s (2011) article entitled Teaching under the new Taylorism: high-stakes testing and theContinue reading “Dehumanization Found in Standardized Testing and Scripted Curriculum”

Traditionalist Perspective Reading Response

In Smith’s (2000) article, it states, “the work of Ralph W. Tyler, in particular, has made a lasting impression on curriculum theory and practice” (pp. 3-4). Smith (2000) then proceeds by describing the four fundamental questions that Tyler’s theory was based on, What educational purposes should the school seek to attain? What educational experiences canContinue reading “Traditionalist Perspective Reading Response”

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